Reborn in the Spring

Something deep within me sighs with relief when the gray of winter bursts forth with the colors of spring. The days get longer, the grass gets greener and the birds wake us with their songs once again. Where winter carries its own unique beauty—the beauty of stillness, resilience and solitude; Spring’s beauty thrills with herContinue reading “Reborn in the Spring”

Three Truths for A Thirsty Soul

“You’re a good mom.” The thought echoed across my dry, exhausted and overwhelmed soul as I began cleaning up our messy kitchen in the center of our even messier house. It was picture day at the elementary school and three of our four kids needed to look their best. Like a circus ringleader trying toContinue reading “Three Truths for A Thirsty Soul”

To my readers

Dear reader, This is a space to drink in the certainty you’re not alone; a place where connection can revive your spirit; somewhere to settle into the rest that comes from feeling understood. As I pull back layers and share my life, I hope you will discover pieces of your own soul reflected within myContinue reading “To my readers”